Fall 2023 Alumni Spotlight: Larissa Barbosa Ferreira

The future looks bright for Larissa Barbosa Ferreria, Peabody School class of 2020. Larissa, whose family is originally from Brazil, enrolled at Peabody in Kindergarten and never looked back. While she is almost a semester away from graduating high school, Larissa...

Spring Alumni Spotlight

Peabody is pleased to feature Liz Heilbronner, Class of 2005, as our 2021 Spring Alumni Spotlight!  Liz is the Summer Camp Director at Camp Horizons, a coed sleep-away summer camp in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  She started at Peabody in 1996 in Kindergarten, and after...

2019 Fall Alumni Spotlight: Kendall Gardiner Moore

Peabody is pleased to feature Kendall Gardiner Moore as our 2019 Fall Alumni Spotlight!   Kendall graduated in the Peabody Class of 2006, after attending from 3rd through 8th grades. She finished Monticello High School in 2010 and Elon University in 2014, graduating...

2019 Spring Alumni Spotlight: Lydia Funk

For our Spring 2019 Alumni Spotlight feature, Peabody is pleased to feature Peabody alumna Lydia Funk (big sister to Sam, Class of 2019)! Lydia graduated from Peabody in 2011 and received an advanced diploma from Charlottesville High School in 2015.  She will graduate...

2018 Winter Alumni Spotlight: Darius Wynn

Peabody alumnus Darius Wynn (Class of 2008) attended Peabody from 6th through 8th grade, but you can still regularly see him back on campus, advising our 8th grade entrepreneurship class this year!  (Sometimes he stops and says hi to his parents, Peabody Athletic...

2018 Spring Alumni Spotlight: The Press-Williams (2008 and 2012)

Peabody is pleased to feature Peabody alumni siblings Jessie (2008) and Josh (2012) Press-Williams in our Alumni Spotlight for May! Jessie graduated from Peabody in 2008, attended Charlottesville High School, and graduated from MIT with a degree in Mechanical...

2017 Fall Alumni Spotlight: The Kaytons (2006, 2009, 2013)

We love shining a spotlight on our Peabody Alumni and hearing about their journeys after Peabody. This month we are excited to feature a family of Peabody graduates: Ben (2006), Ellie (2009) and Kate (2013) Kayton. Ben graduated from Peabody in 2006. After leaving...

2017 Spring Alumni Spotlight: Rachel Cross (2013)

We are pleased to honor Rachel Cross in our Spring Peabody Alumni Spotlight. Rachel graduated from Peabody School in 2013 and her brother, Connor, is currently in the eighth grade at Peabody. Rachel is very excited to be attending Williams College in the fall as she says “in some ways, it is similar to Peabody, with small interactive classes where the professors get to know the students and are dedicated to helping them learn.”

2016 Fall Alumni Spotlight: Luke Henter (2012)

We are pleased to honor Luke Henter in our Winter Peabody Alumni Spotlight. Luke graduated from Peabody School in 2012, and is currently enrolled at Princeton University. Luke’s brother, James, is currently in the Seventh Grade at Peabody. During his time here, Luke gained an appreciation for nurturing his intellectual passions, and has been able to continue developing those interests throughout his educational career.

Sam Rimm-Kaufman (Class of 2012)

We are pleased to announce our second Peabody Alumnus of the Month, Sam Rimm-Kaufman. Sam attends Yale University after graduating from Peabody and Charlottesville High School, where he stood out among his peers both academically and socially. Sam embodies our mission and exemplifies the ways in which Peabody prepares students to be life-long learners. At Peabody, Sam fell in love with learning. He approached the curriculum with curiosity and wonder, and had the courage to take intellectual risks.

Evans Clinchy (Class of 2001)

My time post-Peabody has been quite the adventure. I graduated in 2001 and moved on to Charlottesville High School, where I quickly got involved in theater, speech, debate, newspaper and quiz bowl, plus occasionally finding a spare minute or two to do my homework.

Pepper Nagle (Class of 2010)

Pepper graduated from Peabody in 2010 and moved on to boarding school, where she played varsity soccer and tennis and served as editor for the school’s athletic magazine and on the student council. She is now a student at UVA, honing her creative skills and engaging her passion for creative endeavors.