Students in grades K-8 attend technology classes in our ENIAC 6 Lab. The technology class curriculum is composed of three primary strands: Programming Concepts, Physical Computing, and Engineering and Design.

Programming Concepts begins with block-based coding in Kindergarten and builds toward more sophisticated languages, including Python and Javascript in Middle School. The Physical Computing strand explores the intersection of programming and our physical world through interacting with and programming robots. Younger students use Dash and Dot, while older students work with Lego robots as they are introduced to the First Lego League. Engineering and Design introduces students to a broad range of topics related to applied physics and design, such as simple machines, electrical circuits, computer-aided design, and prototyping.

Outside of technology class, productivity skills and digital citizenship are taught in authentic academic contexts, allowing students to develop these skills and understandings in a way that is more meaningful to them. Students in grades 4-8 are issued their own Chromebook, which allows them to have ready access to technology whenever the need arises. Our K-3 students each have a school-issued iPad to use in their core classes, including technology class and other specials classes.

Additionally, we offer a variety of topics in our middle school enrichment classes. Enrichment class offerings change yearly, but recent classes have included video game creation, Internet of Things, and Introduction to VR/AR. Peabody also has a First Lego League team, open to students in grades 4-8, which competes against other schools each fall.