Our curriculum is designed to prepare students (ages 3 years to 5 years old, all must be toilet-trained) for Kindergarten. Classroom activities support the cultivation of creativity, problem-solving skills and social skills. Teachers are able to differentiate a developmentally appropriate curriculum to meet our youngest students’ academic, social and emotional needs in a nurturing learning environment. Each day incorporates structured learning experiences as well as free choice times and cooperative play.
The Peabody PreKindergarten program is in compliance with all applicable regulations, laws, and codes for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

PreKindergarten Open House

To visit our virtual Peabody PreK Open House, please click HERE.

PreKindergarten Experiences

        • Music, Drama, Art, and P.E. classes each week
        • Private playground and an additional dedicated room for gross motor skill development, group activities, story time and special guests
        • Library visits each week
        • Weekly visits with reading buddies in upper grades
        • Field trips and in-house enrichment experiences during the year