Camp Invention

Stay tuned for dates for Summer 2022!

Camp Invention will run June 22-26, 2021 in an ALL VIRTUAL format.  Campers have the option of participating in daily activities from 9:00 – 3:00 each day OR they can complete activities on their own! This flexible program reinvents distance learning — it can be screen-free and self-led, or it can be enhanced through online collaboration sessions with coaches and fellow participants.

Visit or call 800-968-4332 to register.

Imaginations soar with our at-home program, Camp Invention Recharge™! Children in grades K-6 receive four exciting activity kits packed full of materials to get them outside and active as they explore:

  • Open Mic™: Campers amplify their creative voice, reverse engineer a wireless microphone, and then develop and promote their own extraordinary invention.
  • Duck Chuck™: Through hands-on experiments with trajectory and velocity, children build their own device to launch rubber ducks around the world.
  • Road Rally™: Imaginations accelerate as children design nature-inspired vehicles that can zoom across land and have prototype elements for moving through air and water.
  • SolarBot™: Campers take care of their very own solar-powered robotic cricket, and create protective gear, a customized habitat and a fun cricket playground.

Camp Invention At Home: Campers follow a daily schedule that includes virtual sessions where they receive guidance from their certified educator Coach and enjoy opportunities to collaborate with other campers. Featuring the same curriculum and exclusive items as the in-person Camp Invention format, our at-home experience also includes built-in time for kids to get outside, experiment and test their new inventions. Unique to this format, we also provide new tools that allow children to create their own inventing space, including:

  • Maker Mat: A special surface where innovators are encouraged to create and experiment.
  • Pegboard: A customizable board where children can attach their Inventor Logs and additional creative supplies.
  • Toolbelt: A wearable toolbelt participants can use to store their invention supplies.

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Raspberry Pi Camp

The goal of the Peabody Raspberry Pi Summer Camp is to learn how to manage initial programming hurdles and become self-sufficient for future electronics projects. A Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized computer that is a powerful learning tool for coding and electronics.  If your student is interested in learning about robotics, coding, and circuitry and wants to learn real world coding and applications, this is the perfect summer camp for them.

SUMMER 2021 DATES: Unfortunately, we were unable to offer Raspberry Pi Camp in 2021.  We will see you Summer 2022!

Ø  For rising 5th – 9th grade students!

Go to to learn more!