Middle School equips our students with the tools and skills required for future academic and social success. Our goal is to prepare and assist students for a smooth and seamless transition to high school and onward to college. Check our alumni page for the list of schools (and colleges) where our students have been accepted!

Peabody students engage in a full academic program of core subjects: English, Science, Math, History, and World Language (Spanish or French).  In addition to the technology and P.E. classes, middle school students select courses from our extensive Arts & Enrichment offerings, which include music, art, performing arts, public speaking and a variety of enrichment courses. They also participate in multiple community-based service learning events: 6th graders volunteer at Loaves and Fishes and the Jefferson Madison library to learn about issues affecting our communities;  7th graders work with local organizations and school to meet community needs via our annual “Panther Corps” project; and our 8th grade participate in an entrepreneurship program called mxINCedu, where student teams outline a product idea for social good – from a planned starting point of reuse, recycle, or social impact.

Middle School students have the opportunity to obtain up to seven high school credits in Biology, World Language (Spanish I and II or French I and II), Engineering I, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. Each student is assigned an advisor to help guide them socially, emotionally, and academically. They also have the opportunity to be on school athletic teams, and are proud to represent the Panthers as they compete against local schools, and practice valuable skills of teamwork and sportsmanship. Check out our Athletics page for more information on our team sports!

“Peabody School has a great atmosphere where every child wants to learn.” – Peabody 7th grader