The visual art program is centered around hands-on projects and activities designed to nurture the thinking and behavior of an artist. The projects engage the students while building art skills, developing critical thinking, and fostering a love for art.

The art program is designed to meet the needs of the students as they develop from kindergarten through 8th grade. Throughout their development, students become familiar and adept with a wide range of media and are able to mix media in accordance with their communicative and aesthetic goals. The art classroom is a community of young artists. It is a supportive environment where students feel safe to take risks and grow in confidence. Click here to see past Peabody Art projects.


The K-5 Drama program at Peabody is designed to create a safe and fun environment where students feel inspired to take risks and explore challenging and ambitious material. Through exercises and projects, students will develop an enhanced awareness of themselves and others, improve their ability to analyze and communicate, and embrace the collaborative process. Students learn the fundamentals of acting, directing, play-writing, producing, and design, and have the opportunity to perform onstage and on-camera. Middle school students participate in drama via a series of electives, including Improv, Musical Theater, and Scene Study.


In grades PreK – 4 students experience music through listening, playing, singing and moving. Elementary music education at Peabody is based on a learning-through-doing model influenced by an Orff educational approach. The K-4 classes learn percussion, vocal songs, and xylophone ensemble music. By the end of 4th grade all Peabody musicians have a strong foundation in rhythm, melody, song form, music notation, and ensemble playing.

Once in fifth grade students have the option to play in concert band or string orchestra. In middle school, students can choose to continue with their concert band or string instrument, or they can choose to join the chorus.

Each year the music program puts on a school-wide talent show, and a year-end spring concert, displaying the students’ skills learned throughout the year. In addition to these performances, the middle school travels to Busch Gardens or Kings Dominion to compete against regional music groups. Middle school students are also given opportunities to perform throughout the community of Charlottesville as part of their service learning.