Welcome to Peabody School!

Peabody has been the leader in the education of gifted and academically advanced students for nearly 30 years. Our exemplary educators are able to spark a passion for learning and empower their students with lifelong curiosity. We hope that you are equally curious about learning about all that Peabody has to offer!

We believe the goal of education is to help students develop their talents and passions to be contributing members of our society. Our educational community’s responsibility is to hold children in great esteem, giving them responsibility for their own learning, while also presenting ample entry points through which they can succeed. Social, emotional, and academic development are equally important in fostering a community of responsible and engaged adult citizens.

We provide an environment that allows students to have educational experiences that accommodate multiple intelligences and allow for hands-on learning. At Peabody, exposure to experiential learning helps students find positive outlets for their emotions and creativity. These experiences also intrinsically motivate students to engage in their own learning.

A classical humanities education paired with 21st century readiness skills are the core of what we believe our students receive at Peabody School. Advanced classes, plus French, Spanish, engineering, fine and performing arts, and an emphasis on service learning separates Peabody from other educational environments.

We hope that you will take the time to visit not only our website but also to come see for yourself what I feel makes Peabody so special.

Best wishes,

Rob Orlando
Head of School