Peabody School embraces the importance of sportsmanship and team building, and we recognize the importance of balance between academics and athletics.  Our program goals are to develop skills, teamwork, self-discipline, pride, loyalty, respect for others, perseverance, sportsmanship, and citizenship.

Peabody competes against many independent and some public schools in the area in a variety of sports. All students in grade 5 – 8 are invited to participate on our sports teams regardless of skill level. Currently, we offer organized sports in the fall, winter and spring, including:

  • Soccer (boys’ team in fall and girls’ team in spring, grades 5-8)
  • Basketball (girls’ and boys’ teams, winter, grades 6-8)
  • Cross country (co-ed team, fall, grades 6-8)
  • Swimming (co-ed team, winter, grades 5-8)
  • Track (co-ed team, spring, grades 6-8)
  • Volleyball (girls’ team, fall, grades 6-8)
  • Middle School sports electives are often available and our after-school enrichment programs may include soccer, basketball, yoga, dance, and lacrosse.

In the classroom, our Physical Education program allows opportunities for students to experience different sports, activities, and exercises that provide a well-balanced connection between fitness and health.  The goal of this program is to encourage students to explore various methods to ensure lifetime physical fitness.  The program (offered weekly in PreK, and four times per week in K-8), includes:

  • Cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength endurance, and flexibility;
  • Rhythmic locomotor and non-locomotor movement patterns;
  • Cooperative games to improve communication and collaboration skills;
  • Competitive games and sports to develop teamwork and sportsmanship;
  • Inclusive activities, allowing students to learn and appreciate leadership opportunities and challenges.