Peabody is pleased to feature Kendall Gardiner Moore as our 2019 Fall Alumni Spotlight!  

Kendall graduated in the Peabody Class of 2006, after attending from 3rd through 8th grades. She finished Monticello High School in 2010 and Elon University in 2014, graduating Summa Cum Laude as part of the Isabella Cannon Leadership fellows program. While at Elon, she majored in Strategic Communications and minored in Leadership and Italian studies.

Kendall reports that she originally came to Peabody partially for health reasons, as “I had recently been diagnosed with Childhood Epilepsy Disorder, and wasn’t getting the type of individualized instruction that was necessary for my academic success at the public school I was attending.” She added, “I needed a lot of flexibility, kindness, and support to reach my potential, and if I hadn’t had that support, I don’t believe I would be where I am.” 

At Peabody, “I learned to be my own advocate, to work extremely hard, and to know when to ask for help,” Kendall says. “I think this allowed me to develop as an individual and helped build the strength that I have as an academic and professional, but also de-stigmatized asking for help when you need it.”  

Kendall expresses a great deal of gratitude for her Peabody teachers: “So many teachers at Peabody stay close to my heart. Mrs. Evans taught me tolerance, and to be kind and patient with myself. She in particular worked with me on a daily basis when I first started, to ensure I could continue my education in a way that worked for me, and in a way that kept me confident in my abilities. Mrs. Albright taught me to be tough on the work and myself, which always drove me to be the best version of myself that I could be. Mr. Pete showed me the importance of being committed to your job and your work, even in areas that may not be your strength. Mrs. Schupp taught me there’s always room for a little fun, and the importance of overcoming fears.” 

Kendall’s fondest Peabody memory involves having the opportunity to lead and establish organizations. “I was able to help start a “cheerleading” team (even though we had no sports to cheer for!), be a member of the first women’s basketball team, and start a community service club – and all of this when I was in elementary and middle school! The ability to try and fail and try and succeed with the support of the school is definitely my fondest memory.” 

Kendall encourages current Peabody students to relax and be in the moment: “I wish I’d learned to manage my stress more effectively and learned to be more present prior to both high school and college. I spent so much time being anxious and worrying about the past and future and felt like I missed out on positive moments in the present because of that.” As a Leadership Fellow in the Isabella Cannon Leadership program (a nationally recognized four-phase leadership development program), Kendall’s capstone project at Elon was about increasing the prevalence of mindfulness based stress reduction outlets on campus through counseling, mindfulness techniques, yoga, etc. Kendall learned that “You can’t be an expert in everything, and if you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re probably not learning anything, which also was something that Peabody instilled in me by being around so many intelligent and driven people.”

Kendall’s advice for our Peabody Class of 2020? She says “positivity is a trait that seems like it isn’t valued as much because it is a “soft” skill; however, I think being positive and treating yourself and others with kindness is one of the most important and differentiating traits in the world. The older I get, the more I recognize that everyone (including yourself) is often fighting battles that take a lot of strength behind the scenes, and if you can be a positive light during a dark time, it makes more of a difference that you realize both in personal and professional settings.” 

After graduating from Elon, Kendall moved to Australia and worked as a travel agent and digital strategist for three years and attained permanent residency there – she also met her now-husband! They moved to Richmond, VA in 2017 and she spent two years in account management at the Martin Agency, working on clients such as Land O’ Lakes, Purina Mills, and UPS. She just moved to a company called kaléo where she is the associate product manager for AUVI-Q, an epinephrine auto injector for patients with life-threatening allergies. Kendall is happy to answer questions about Elon, her career path, or living abroad, if any Peabody current students or alumni are interested!