We are so excited for our 2019 Peabody graduates on their college selections!

Marcus Beauford (MHS) – Virginia Commonwealth University
Luke Frank (CHS) – Brown University
Asher Friedman (CHS) – Georgia Institute of Technology
Sam Funk (CHS) – Webb Institute
Julianne Grunden (MHS/HMSA) – University of Mary Washington
William Keenan (CHS) – University of Virginia
Joshua Ledlow (PRHS – AL) – Georgetown University
Darius Mehta (WAHS) – Amherst College
Claire Newman (CHS) – Yale University
Sophie Owens (St. Anne’s) – University of Virginia
Benjamin Sherman (CHS) – Duke University
Lyndsey Stemland (MHS/HMSA) – University of Virginia
Maggie Teweles (AHS) – James Madison University
Chloe Vail (MHS/HMSA) – Piedmont Virginia CC