We are proud welcome Dr. Joy Lawson Davis to Peabody on October 22nd at 7PM. Dr. Davis will be speaking on “Raising & Nurturing Socially Conscious Gifted Youth.”  Dr. Davis has been an at-large member of the NAGC (National Association for Gifted Children) Board of Directors, a professor at VCU, and an author. Davis says:  “Today, more than ever, gifted learners are taking on leadership roles as they are exposed to the numerous concerns of communities, near and far. As very sensitive and empathic beings, gifted children are inclined to question decision-makers as well as adults in their own environment about issues of social, environmental, political and human rights concerns. This session will provide strategies and resources parents and educators can use to engage the social justice needs of gifted children and youth.” Peabody School is partnering with Dr. Davis to provide ongoing professional development for our teachers, which commenced this summer.