Congratulations to our Lego League Team, The Jedi Penguins, who competed successfully this weekend.  Although the team had some struggles with consistency in the robot game, they succeeded in all of their missions. Between two of their matches, the students were able to reprogram one of the missions that they had struggled with all season and got it to work.  They were thrilled to have succeeded and their coach, Kathleen Olowin, was extremely proud of their hard work.

All of their judging rubrics from the various judging sessions (robot design, project and core values) gave them mostly “accomplished” ratings (on a scale of beginning, developing, accomplished or exemplary).  And, Ms. Olowin heard three of them saying “Next year can we….” before the day was over. Congratulations, Jedi Penguins! We look forward to hearing about your continued success next season!