This year, Peabody’s 8th graders will participate in an exciting entrepreneurship program called mxINCedu, with help from Uncharted Learning, NFP, the developer of the national entrepreneurship incubator program. In mxINCedu, students will be introduced to what it means to be an entrepreneur and the iterative process entrepreneurs use to create and build a product for the marketplace. Student teams will outline a product idea from a planned starting point of reuse, recycle, or social impact. They will work in their teams to form a start-up business and then create a product, pitch their idea, launch their company to sell merchandise, and learn how to make a profit. The program lessons focus heavily on economics, an important new strand of social/global studies learning standards, and a crucial part of any successful business endeavor. We will be inviting business mentors from the community to help guide students through this process and partner with us during implementation. We will be very busy making this a unique and challenging learning experience for our Peabody students!