Congratulations to our 8th Grade Government students, who smashed all prior school records as legislators in Peabody’s 7th year participating in the Youth Leadership Initiative E-Congress – a national program run by UVA’s Center for Politics.  This year’s group, our largest class yet, pushed 17 bills to the House floor, and all 17 passed! Students are tasked with learning about the legislative process by researching a topic they are interested in, and proposing legislation to address the topic. Their bills are sent out to various regions of the country and go through several stages of review by peers from states such as Minnesota, Georgia, New Jersey and Florida. To make it all the way to a law is difficult: nationally, less than 20% get that far – this year 65 % of Peabody proposals made it!  Only 11 more years until they’re old enough to run for the House of Representatives!  We are proud of you!