Congratulations to Julianne Grunden and Asher Friedman who recently had their poems selected for the Festival of the Book Poetry and Prose Contest. The students read their work at a reception at the Omni Hotel. Both winning entries are printed below.

Additionally, Julianne also won the Charlottesville Bus Lines Poetry Contest and her poem (pictured below) will be featured on a local Charlottesville bus!

Congratulations Asher and Julianne! Peabody is proud of you!

asherCookies and Crunching Crocodilesby Asher Friedman

Cookies and crunching crocodiles

Eat them in the kitchen, and find them in the Nile.

Two totally different things,

What would they be like with wings?

Crocodiles would bite from the sky.

If you tried to eat cookies, they would just fly.

Another question sparked my mind

What if all cookies were mine?

I would get fat,

And kids would get sad.

And I couldn’t fit in my favorite plaid.

Cookies and crunching crocodiles,

Together the world would go mad.


julianneCat to Dog by Julianne Grunden

Cat purrs

rhythmic beat

lurking in the corner

down the corridor she creeps

soft, silky, black,

prance across the floor

whiskers tickle makes me giggle

living work of art

majestic, regal, queenly figure

outlined in the dark

Dog jumping, running, crazy barking

like an arrow through the night

energetic and playful,

sprightly and lively,

galumphing down the hall

spins in circles,

spots her tail,

maniac, attack!