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The Peabody School Pre-K Program is for families seeking a developmentally appropriate preschool experience for their three, four, and five-year-old children. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for Kindergarten, and activities support the cultivation of creativity, problem solving skills, and social skills. There is plenty of time for cooperative play. While the maximum enrollment capacity is fifteen students, the Peabody Pre-K class size is limited to thirteen students with a pupil-to-teacher ratio of six to one. The Peabody Pre-K Curriculum includes Motor Skills, Social Skills, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Students also enjoy French, Spanish, and Drama activities with the Pre-K teacher, and they participate in specials classes taught by our P.E., Art, and Music teachers.

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We believe that a curriculum should ignite a passion for learning, and that true variation in a curriculum is characterized by varying content, process, product, complexity of thought, pacing, student interest, and learning profiles. Our learning activities are nurturing, and they encourage reflection to increase understanding of concepts, and preserve each child’s right to be a child.



?????????????The Pre-K curriculum emphasizes:
• a broad scope of subject matter
• complex and abstract content
• higher level thought processes
• small group and independent work
• accelerated planning
• self-directed learning opportunities

The Pre-K program operates on the same calendar as the Peabody School’s K-8 program. Preference is given to younger siblings of students currently enrolled at Peabody. Participation in the Peabody Pre-K program will not guarantee admission to kindergarten at Peabody School, and the standard application process is applicable to Peabody Pre-K students seeking admission to Peabody Kindergarten. To begin your child’s application to Pre-Kindergarten, please click here.