The Peabody Parent Association (PPA) is the parent organization of Peabody School. The PPA strives to enhance the educational experiences of students, their families, and the school community through a variety of measures, including managing volunteers, student/parent enrichment, and social activities.
All parents and guardians are members of the PPA, which is served by an elected Board for each academic school year. Elected officers and room parent representatives meet monthly, and all meetings are open to all parents.

PPA Mission Statement

The mission of the Peabody Parent Association is to cultivate communication among all members of the Peabody School community, to serve as a springboard for parent endeavors, to spearhead parent involvement, and to augment school initiatives. Ultimately, the purpose of the Parent Association is to enhance the educational experience of students, their families, and the school community. All parents and guardians are invited to participate.

Specifically, the Peabody Parent Association seeks to:

Provide a forum to promote the constructive exchange of ideas between parents, administration, and teachers. The purpose of such discussions is to:

  1. encourage parental involvement in the school;
  2. foster a sense of community among parents and between parents and school staff;
  3. facilitate parent networking.

Serve as a Volunteer Resource

  • Act as a funnel for all parent volunteer participation at Peabody School. This includes receiving potential volunteering ideas from parents and school staff, and organizing parent involvement in all volunteer activities.

Promote Student Enrichment

  • Create and organize optional/additional opportunities for student enrichment (e.g., after-school and extracurricular activities, community service) that are specifically designed to augment the traditional academic program.  Provide in-depth exposure to a variety of interesting, fun and educational topics.

Promote Parent Enrichment

  • Organize enriching/educational activities for parents, based on the suggestions of parents and Peabody staff regarding topics of interest to parents.  Plan talks/meetings where these topics are presented and discussed.

Provide Social Opportunities

  • Create social opportunities for parents and families to come together and strengthen the overall sense of community at Peabody School.