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Lunch Program

The lunch program begins on September 14, 2015. We’ve streamlined the ordering process into one form:

Lunch Program Order Form

Lunch Program General Information

  • We do not reimburse in the case of field trips, student absences (we will save the food for them), or inclement weather.
  • Submit forms and payment into the payment drop-box in the main office.
  • Late forms will NOT be accepted.

About the Food Choices

  • Bagels are from Bodos and are bought fresh every Monday morning.
  • Dumplings and Noodles are from Marco and Luca’s. Dumplings are pan-fried and served with a side of sauce. Noodles are tossed in a sesame sauce and garnished with cucumber.
  • All of the frozen treats are free of corn syrup and trans fats and have 14 or less grams of sugar.
  • Subs are from Jersey Mike’s.
  • Pizza is from Domino’s.

Teacher Pages and Class Blogs

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We are hosting an amazing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) summer camp. Come here for the latest information.

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Miss Melissa’s Drama Class Blog
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Mrs. Gottschalk’s Third Grade Daily Blog
Mrs. Gottschalk’s third graders post on this blog daily during dismissal. Students offer brief descriptions of the day’s activities.

Chris Haske’s Art Class Blog
Mr. Haske shares student work and classroom activities through picture and word.