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Lunch Order Forms

The lunch program will begin early to mid October at which point new forms will be poster here as well as go home in Friday folders.

Bagel Mondays
Dumpling Tuesdays
Wintery Wednesdays
Subway Thursdays
Pizza Fridays

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Multi-Purpose Building Update 

The New Peabody Middle School!


  • Peabody is adding a new MIDDLE SCHOOL (with a new technology lab) attached to the multipurpose building project.   This adds a total of 6 classrooms (3 on each floor) and allows for the eventual (3-4 years) removal of the trailer and reclamation of that green space.
  • While this addition makes financial sense for Peabody, we will only build as much of it as we can afford  – the second floor of classrooms may remain unfinished until the fundraising supports the completion (See fundraising, below)
  • We have selected our building contractor, Coleman-Adams, from Lynchburg, Virginia.
  • We have added 29 parking spaces to double the size of our current parking lots.
  • The County controls the timeline, however, if all goes as planned, construction is slated to begin June 1 and is estimated to take 8 months to complete.
  • An aerial shot of property and a sketch of the first floor building layout appear below.  These diagrams will be available for display at Peabody after Spring Break.  The building will necessitate some shifting/ reconfiguration of site elements such as the fields, hard court and playground. Efforts are underway to uphold the spirit and variety of outdoor play areas at the school.


  • The project has received unanimous support from the Albemarle County Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors will vote on the project in May.
  • Site plan review is underway with the County; once approved, we will file for the Building Permit.


  • We have met our $100,000 challenge match from the Perry Foundation!  Thank you!
  • If you have not donated toward the Capital Campaign, please do so and take advantage of this challenge opportunity to double the size of your donation.
  • If you have already donated, and are willing to consider a multi-year donation to help us reach our challenge match, please let the Front Office know.
  • Every dollar counts.   Participation is VITAL toward successful grant-writing and private donor solicitation.   We want to show 100% support!

Thanks for your support!  The Peabody Capital Campaign Committee



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