World Languages

Second language acquisition benefits students’ academic achievement in other core subjects, including English. It enhances a student’s ability to understand and to appreciate his or her first language in a deeper and more meaningful way while simultaneously opening the portal to communicating with people around the world. The Peabody World Language Department endeavors to teach students to read, to write, to listen, to think, to speak, and to reflect beyond the constraints of the monolingual. Bilingualism or multilingualism fosters respect and multicultural sensitivity and therefore enhances the social and emotional development of the academically advanced. We prepare students for higher education and to become global citizens through language acquisition. Research asserts that the bilingual brain earns higher scores in standardized testing like the SATs and earns higher wages due to greater marketability in the work force. At Peabody School, we are excited to offer French and Spanish in Kindergarten through grade eight. Most students at the Middle School level will earn two high school World Language credits at the close of eighth grade. With early exposure like that at Peabody, most students are quite proficient in Spanish or French when they complete our program.