Fine Arts


The visual art program is centered around hands-on projects and activities designed to nurture the thinking and behavior of an artist. The projects engage the students while building art skills, developing critical thinking, and fostering a love for art.

The art program is designed to meet the needs of the students as they develop from kindergarten through 8th grade. Throughout their development, students become familiar and adept with a wide range of media and are able to mix media in accordance with their communicative and aesthetic goals. The art classroom is a community of young artists. It is a supportive environment where students feel safe to take risks and grow in confidence.  Click here to read the Peabody Art blog.


The drama program at Peabody is designed to further enrich the lives of our students by giving them a bird’s eye view of human behavior and the ever changing world, through drama. Inevitably, students learn self-awareness in place of self consciousness, empathy, and the joy of spontaneity, freeing them from the stresses of needing to be “in control.”

Using their bodies, minds and voices, our students explore space, time, emotion and intention, giving them the power to create whatever they choose. The drama program at Peabody is a safe environment built on trust, where taking risks and being brave are rewarded with exciting discoveries about oneself.



In grades Pre-K-4, Peabody students learn from a model entitled: Beginning Explorations in Music and Movement. The curriculum reflects (but is not limited to) the teachings of Carl Orff, (most famous for his work, Carmina Burana) or Orff Schulwerk. Orff believed that children should be their own composers, at a very young age, through a four-step process of:  Imitation, Exploration, Improvisation, and Creation (composition). These goals are achieved through movement, dance, song, improvisation, and integration of the skills that students acquire throughout the school year, and their duration at Peabody School.  Please see for more information.
In addition, students have the option to play a string instrument in 3rd grade and a band instrument in 4th grade. Once in 5th grade, students participate in one of two ensembles: beginning strings or beginning band. In middle school, students continue their education on a string or band instrument, and further develop their musicality through ensemble performance, and supplemental Orff-based activities.
At Peabody, music exists within an over-arching historical narrative. Included in weekly lessons is instruction in both music history and theory – we believe our students gain a greater and deeper appreciation when music is taught in the context for which it was written, as well as the theoretical concepts behind the harmonic language that composers use.   Our goal is that each student who graduates from Peabody will find success in a high school, or local youth ensemble, continue to have a deep appreciation for the arts, be a life-long music lover, create their own path (such as playing in an ensemble they create), or study music as an academic pursuit.