Inside the classrooms

Peabody classes are fun but challenging. There are small classes, so the teachers can really get to know the students.” – Marieke, 6th grade

At Peabody School, we embrace our students for who they are as individuals and realize that each child is unique.  Instead of comparing them to each other or a certain timeline of learning, we focus on the success of each individual and celebrate his or her personal achievements.  We believe in creating opportunities for students to engage in deep, meaningful learning experiences, involving a rich academic program and an exceptional arts program. Students fully engage in learning alongside peers who share their enthusiasm and curiosity.

Peabody teachers support students’ development of academic, technical, and artistic skills; provide opportunities for autonomy and leadership, and foster an environment of kindness and respect.  Peabody equips students with study habits, writing skills, knowledge, and proficiency with technology that prepares them well for high school and beyond.

Our students successfully meet challenges, take personal responsibility for  learning, and become  active, creative, and thoughtful participants in creating change alongside peers who share their enthusiasm and curiosity for learning.