Capital Campaign

Peabody has always placed a high value on the arts and physical education as core elements of its academic program to serve the “whole child.” In order to achieve the comprehensive educational experience our students require and deserve, we must build a new, multipurpose facility.

The Board of Directors has launched a $3 million building campaign to raise funds for this much-needed space, and has already raised $1.7 million to retire the debt from the LEED-certified lower school building and place the school on solid financial footing for the future. The purpose of the remaining $1.3 million is to enlarge and enhance the school’s physical plant with a multipurpose space that will include the following features:

• Middle-school-size gymnasium and bleachers
• Mobile stage for drama and music performances
• Theater equipment and sound system
• New classrooms
• Storage space and concession stand
• Community gathering space

Our performing arts programs are vibrant and filled with talent, and the multipurpose addition will provide the needed performance space to develop our young thespians and musicians. It will also allow us to expand our community-welcome speaker series and open our doors to public events.

The gymnasium will enable our students to enjoy indoor physical education and our athletic teams to practice and host games at their own school. Additional classrooms will better enable Peabody to serve its increasing student population. Click here to read more about our new building!

We Ask for Your Support
Peabody is a special place. Having it as a resource in the community is a tremendous benefit – to families who are attracted to or decide to stay in the area, and to the University of Virginia, businesses and other employers who can rely on Peabody to serve academically advanced students.

The entire community enjoys the long-term benefits of nurturing and developing these extraordinary local and global citizens. We thank our families, teachers, staff, alumni and community members who dedicate themselves to making the school a unique, thriving environment for young learners.

As we enter this exciting new chapter of Peabody’s future, we hope we can count on your support to make this dream a reality. Together, we will realize our goal for our new multipurpose facility that will allow our community a place to gather and give students more opportunities to reach their academic, artistic and athletic potential.

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Capital Campaign Committee
Karen Beauford and
Diane Krehmeyer, Co-Chairs
Dorothy Batten
Chris Craytor
Mary Esselman
Renee Henslee
Tracy Landon
Charles Lunsford
Rachel Lloyd Miller
Whitney Morrill
Israel Olegnowicz
Allison Teweles