Mid-Year Transfers

DSC_8462 (1)At Peabody School, we understand that the decision to switch schools may not always happen at the beginning of the school year. We know that situations may arise that may prompt you to consider a mid-year change.

Please know that Peabody understands individual needs. For this reason, in select cases, we do allow students to enter Peabody in the midst of a school year provided they meet the required admissions criteria.  In such cases, we ensure that transfer students are provided the support they need to acclimate to their new school environment.  Our flexible grouping and differentiated curriculum allow students to transfer smoothly.

If you are a parent who has been pondering the question “Is there something missing in my child’s current educational program?” then we invite you to come in and learn more about how we can serve your child.

“My first year was in the fourth grade and I remember being so nervous about starting at a new school. My knees were shaky and my stomach was full of butterflies. I knew hardly anyone at all and was wrought with anxiety. What if I didn’t make friends? What if I got lost? What if… what if… what if…? By the time that day was over, my hypothetical fears had dissipated. Already I knew the names of every classmate and had friends to sit with at lunch and play with at recess. It was almost as though I’d been at Peabody my entire life; there was this level of comfort and warmth in the community that had been missing from my old school. I felt like a genuine member of a community that I was so fortunate to be a part of … Peabody.”- Ella, Mid-Year transition student