Alternative Fundraising

Box Tops for Education
While you are shopping, remember to look for and save Box Tops and Campbell’s Soup Labels. You can earn extra points for both of those programs as well by taking just a few minutes to register at for box tops and at for Campbell’s Soup Labels.

Grocery Store Partnerships
All of us go through the weekly chore of buying groceries. Taking a few simple steps at your store of choice will be a big help to our school. The programs for this year have begun, so please act soon! Here is a great way to channel funds donated by local grocery store chains into Peabody, with no money out of your pocket. Each time you buy groceries, the stores below will donate a portion of the total spent to Peabody as either cash or points toward the purchase of educational equipment.

Each new school year, all you need to do is link your store cards to Peabody, you MUST RE-REGISTER in order for the school to get credit. Here’s how:

Harris Teeter “Together in Education”
Have (or obtain) a FREE VIC card;
When you check out, tell the cashier you want to participate in their Together in Education program and give them (just one time for the year) Peabody’s school code: 1888
OR go to and click on Community, then Together in Education, then Link to Your School (on the left) to link your VIC card to Peabody.

Kroger “Plus Card for Education Program”
Have (or obtain) a FREE Kroger Plus card;
Make a quick stop at the Customer Service Desk and ask the representative to scan your Kroger card and link it with Peabody School.
Each time you shop at Kroger, use your Kroger card and you will earn points for our school!

Giant “A+ Bonus Bucks”
Have (or obtain) a FREE Giant Bonus card;
Go to, click on Our Stores and Register Your Card to link to Peabody;
OR fill out an enrollment card at the customer service desk at Giant, Peabody ID: 02793.

Food Lion “Lion Shop and Share”
Have (or obtain) a FREE MVP card;
Go to and click on Community Outreach, then click on Shoppers Register Here to register Your MVP Card to link your MVP card to Peabody;
Peabody’s code is: 217933
OR call 704-633-8250 ext. 3810 to enroll over the phone;
OR fill out an enrollment card at the customer service desk at Food Lion.