Passionate. Creative. Imaginative. Curious.

Our students are a diverse group of precocious individuals who share an intellectual curiosity and a passion for life.

We give our students the freedom to learn as much from each other as they do from their teachers. This makes for a lively and engaging atmosphere where Peabody students and teachers experience the joy of learning together. Because we create an atmosphere where learning and community service are celebrated, our students pursue learning with abandon. Their zest for learning carries into high school as Peabody graduates successfully pursue advanced coursework in surrounding public and private high schools.

Our eighth grade class has a tradition of giving back to Peabody before they graduate.  They select a year-long ‘Legacy Project’, for which they raise funds by selling lunch items such as dumplings and noodles, and offering childcare for young children during parent-teacher conferences and other events.  Past projects have included a new sign for the school, the flagpole, and the basketball court.  The 2011 graduating class set their sights on a bus for the school.  They found a donor who would match the funds they raised, and at graduation presented the school with our stylish new bus!


Long after they’ve graduated, Peabody students maintain strong bonds with their fellow students and teachers. Our alumni remember us fondly, return for alumni events, and offer their services in a variety of meaningful ways.