Faculty & Staff

Facilitators of Learning. Dynamic. Devoted.

Peabody teachers are much like the students they teach: creative, passionate, imaginative, curious, and caring. They too pose questions, enjoy taking risks, and continually enhance what they do. Coming from diverse educational backgrounds and experiences,Peabody teachers are drawn to Peabody School because of its mission.


“Peabody classes are fun but challenging. There are small classes, so the teachers can really get to know the students.”  –Marieke, 6th grade student



Our teachers are facilitators of learning. By providing a conceptually driven curriculum, designed to motivate and prepare our students for life long learning, Peabody teachers make learning meaningful and inquiry based.

Individualization is an integral part of our innovative curriculum. Children vary widely in their interests, strengths, learning rates, and styles, so Peabody teachers attend to each child through a differentiated curriculum. Instead of comparing them to each other or to a certain timeline of learning, we focus on the success of each individual and celebrate his or her personal achievements.

Believing students learn best when an activity is meaningful and relevant, our teachers encourage students to explore their interests by capitalizing on their strengths. We embrace our students for who they are as individuals and realize that each child is unique.  Consequently, joy resonates throughout our classrooms.

Peabody teachers are prepared. Through annual professional development, our teachers are kept abreast of research-based educational practices and emerging technology.