Our Community

International Day brings together faculty, staff, students, parents, grandparents and friends in the community to celebrate our diversity through food, music and crafts.

Upon entering Peabody School, your heart grows.

You step over children happily collaborating on projects and dodge flying balls from others testing the trajectory of their catapults, and it’s worth it because you witness our students’ tenacity for learning.

You find a teacher helping a child with his podcast while fifteen other children intensely pursue self-directed learning.

You can’t believe it when you watch them transition effortlessly among multiple, hands-on activities.

You smell a little paint and hear distant music then discover students painting on walls and composing original scores.

Throughout your journey, children happily involve you in their learning and parents break from planning their next big event to eagerly tout Peabody School’s defining characteristics.

As you leave, we aren’t surprised when you say, “I wish I had gone to Peabody School.”