Specials Profiles

Chris Haske – Art
Chris Haske is the art teacher. He loves making art, especially with young people. In fact, he went to Whitman College and New York University to get better at making art with young people. He has had the pleasure of teaching art and a few other subjects in South Korea, Connecticut, New York, Honduras, and Virginia. Chris also enjoys volunteering. He has had full-time volunteer positions caring for children and adults with special needs in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Maryline Meyer-Pollock – French
Maryline Meyer-Pollock, B.A., M.A., is the French teacher at Peabody School. A native of France, Ms. Meyer-Pollock earned both her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Communication and her Master’s Degree in Information and Communication at the University of Nancy, France. Prior to joining the Peabody School faculty in 2000, Ms. Meyer-Pollock taught middle and high school in Lorraine, France for five years and is certified by the French National Education System in modern literature. She enjoys volunteering at the SPCA and singing in local rock band, The Pollocks.

Mary-Patricia Moynihan – Spanish
Mary-Patricia Moynihan teaches Spanish at Peabody, and holds an M.A. in Hispanic Literature from Indiana University.  While completing her B.A. at the University of Virginia, she majored in both Spanish and in Foreign Affairs with a concentration in Latin America.  Her experience includes years of teaching Spanish on the high-school and university levels, as well as running her own Spanish language tutoring service.  “Profe,” as the kids call her, delights in international travel. As a high-school teacher, she ran several student trips abroad.  She also has taught on the Semester-at-Sea ship.  Having embarked on her first international trip at the tender age of fourteen months, Profe has now set foot on all seven continents and has visited at least 41 different countries.  Her ambition is to make it to every single Spanish-speaking country, although that dream is still being realized.

Travis Miller – K-2 Technology
Travis Miller is Peabody’s Operations Manager and the K-2 technology teacher. He has a B.A. in Biology and a Master’s in Teaching from the University of Virginia. In his previous position as the Middle School science teacher, he developed a strong interest in instructional technology and chose to shift teaching roles, becoming the school’s technology teacher in 2011. He has been a presenter at the Virginia Association of Science Teachers’ annual conference, demonstrating the effectiveness of using interactive computer simulations to illustrate hard-to-teach concepts. Mr. Miller has a passion for working with children and helping them develop the lifelong skills and confidence necessary to navigate today’s increasingly complex world.

Amy Brudin – 3-8 TechnologyDSC_4945
Amy Brudin is the Director of Educational Technology and the 3-8 technology teacher. She has been teaching and learning with technology since she graduated from UVA in 1994. She spent 10 years in the Washington DC area, teaching at the National Cathedral School and consulting privately with families looking to set up networks and computers at home. She and her husband George (a UVA grad, as well) moved to Batesville in 2003, and welcomed their daughter Addison in 2007 (who will be joining Peabody as a second grader.) She is also a teacher for the Online School for Girls, teaching Intro to Computer Programming.

Matt Wyatt – Music (Pre-K-4)DSC_4798
Matt Wyatt is the Peabody music teacher for pre-kindergarten through fourth grade. His primary goal as a teacher is to help young musicians to develop well-rounded musicianship through methods that they find personally inspiring, exciting, and relevant. Matt performs as a drummer and percussionist with Beleza, Jamal Millner, Quatro na Bossa, and David Wax Museum. He also owns a small recording studio and is excited about ways recording technology can play into the process of learning music. Matt graduated with honors from UVA in 2003 (B.A. in Music) and has maintained a private teaching practice in Charlottesville since 2001.

Jason Fargo – Physical EducationFargo
Jason Fargo is the Physical Education teacher at Peabody School.  A graduate and student athlete of Longwood University, he also currently holds nationally recognized youth soccer coaching licenses.  His passion for working with children is apparent in his 10 years of prior experience in coaching youth soccer with children of a variety of ages and abilities.  Mr. Fargo uses sport and physical activity to build self confidence in each child to help guide the learning of life skills.  He enjoys soccer, golf, snowboarding, any beach activity, and spending time with his family.